The archaeological activities of the École biblique in Jerusalem since 1890

Since the nineteenth century, French researchers have dedicated themselves, in addition to scholars from other countries, to the archaeological survey of Palestine. Suffice it to recall the names of Albert de Luynes (1802-1867), Leon de Laborde (1807-1869), Felicien Suulcy (1807-1880), Victor Guerin (1821-1890), Melchior Vogüé (1829 — 1916), Charles Clermont-Ganneau (1846-1923). Actually, they did not yet dig themselves. They tended to surface exploration. On the other hand, these geographers or archaeologists were not resident in the country. They were traveling a few weeks or months, and came off again.

The first settlement which settled permanently in the country was the École Biblique of the Dominican fathers, founded in 1890. Its founder, Father Marie-Joseph Lagrange, OP, aged 35, had proposed to illuminate the Bible study by a scientific knowledge of the human environment in which it was lived, spoken, written …

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