• A library of 20,000 glass plates! From 1890 to 1935! The largest private collection of the Levant preserved in situ to this day!
  • A lively collection dedicated to Orientalism, seen through the eyes of scholars, exegetes, historians, archaeologists, epigraphers …
  • Jerusalem, Ottoman Palestine, British Palestine, Transjordan, North Arabia and Hijaz, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey.
  • Several exhibitions, many printed catalogs! See examples on pages 6 and 7.

Today, in parallel to its library of just over 140,000 volumes, the convent Saint-Étienne has a photo library, an help for the teachers of the École Biblique. The first shot was taken by Father Lagrange, in spring 1890. Soon, the collection of negatives on glass plates grew because of the work of teachers. The pioneer generation photographed mainly during travel and excursions. Father Paul-M. Séjourné, companion of Father Lagrange, made the first trip, and, as such, was the initiator of the photo library, accompanied by the founder of the School in the years 1890-1900.

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