of Christian pilgrimages in the Biblical Lands (Jerusalem, State of Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey and Italy).

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Born in Brussels on 26 January 1953

Joined the Order of Preachers for the province of South Belgium in 1979

Ordained priest in Brussels on 22 June 1986

Member of the Belgian Lieutenancy of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem since 1999

Assigned to the Priory of St. Stephen in Jerusalem in October 2003

Master of Arts in Theology, Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, Ottawa (2003)
Certificate in Social Communications, Saint Paul University, Ottawa (2002)
Civil and Canonical Licence in Theology, University of Fribour, Switzerland (1991)
Civil Engineer Candidate, Catholic University of Louvain (1976)

Professional activities
Member of the Episcopal Commission “Justice and Peace” (2012)
Corresponding member of the Section of Moral and Political Sciences of the Grand-Ducal Institute of Luxembourg (2009)
Spiritual, archaeological and historical accompaniment of Christian pilgrimages in the Holy Land
Psychological and religious assistant in times of disaster, Ben Gurion International Airport (Lod), for the Brussels Airlines
Member of the Pilgrimage Commission of the Catholic Church of the Holy Land (Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem), 2007
Lecturer for trips and bi-monthly trips of students of the École biblique) from 29 October 2004 to 27 March 2008 (Sinai, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories);

And after serving as assistant to Jerome Murphy-O’Connor for the course of Topography of Jerusalem, he taught Topography of Jerusalem from 4 October 2005 to 27 March 2008 at the École biblique and organized the study trips of the École.

2001-2002: Assistant Professor Michel Gourgues of the Faculty of Theology of the Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology of Ottawa for the Bible study tour “Patmos 2002” in Greece and Turkey
1997-2000: Co-administrator of the non-profit association Make-A-Wish Foundation Belgium-South, Brussels, Phoenix (AZ)
1995-2000: Member of several juries of international festivals of Christian audiovisual programming, Brussels, Niepokalanow
1992-2000: Member of the editorial board of the monthly Information, of the Religious Education Department
In official education (SEREO), Brussels
1990-2000: Religious Information Journalist (UCA, AJIR, RTBF, RTL-tvi, OCIC), Brussels, Paris
1986-2017: Organizer and moderator of international pilgrimages and study tours in biblical lands: Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and Turkey
1985-1990: Editor-in-chief of the monthly Les Cahiers de la Télévision, CTV, Brussels

Chaplain of the Catholic Schools Saint-Joseph de Boondael (Ixelles)
Special religious guest at the Center School of the Sacred Heart of Lindthout, School of Happiness, École Sainte-Marie and at the École Normale des Dames de Marie (Schaerbeek)
Spiritual Counselor of the Teams Notre-Dame sector (La Louvière-Enghien)
Spiritual Advisor to the francophone communities of Faith & Light at the W.D.Y. of Toronto (ON)
Spiritual advisor to the group Chemin d’Emmaüs (Belgium)
Animator for Reason and Faith of the Catholic Scouts & Guides units (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Koekelberg, Europe)
Various interviews for radio and television channels (RTSR, RTFB, RCF, Radio-Ville-Marie and France 2)
Organization and participation in various symposia and seminars on religious television broadcasts (Brussels, Paris, Cologne, Driebergen, Lausanne, Fribourg, Neuchâtel) and the Bible and Informatics Symposium organized by the Center Informatique et Bible (Louvain-la-Neuve)
Chaplain of the family community of Notre-Dame-au-Bois (Overijse)
Preacher of televised mass (RTBF) and retreats to groups of students, nuns, priests, and members of secular institutes (Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Ottignies, Herne, Hurtebise, Orléans, Mont-des-Lots)
Guest Master and Subprior of the Priory of Saint Dominic (Brussels)
Bursar of the Priories of Saint Dominique and Saint Vincent Ferrier (Brussels)
Guest Master of St. Stephen’s Priory, Jerusalem (2003-2017)