The publications of the École Biblique comprise a journal (the Revue Biblique) and two series (the Études Bibliques and the Cahiers de la Revue Biblique). The Revue Biblique, founded in 1892 by Father Lagrange, is the official organ of the École Biblique. Every quarter, in 160-page issues, it publishes articles and recensions in Biblical studies and ancillary disciplines: texts and inscriptions, languages of the ancient Near East, the archaeology of Palestine and neighbouring areas, etc..

Since 1900, the specialist series Études Bibliques – the major series of the École Biblique – has welcomed numerous academic works, especially (but not exclusively) doctoral theses in Biblical studies or archaeology. Published since 1964, the Cahiers de la Revue Biblique – the secondary series of the École Biblique – welcomes works on more limited subjects. A further series, Series Archaeologica, will soon complete the collection. Since 2016, both the journal and these series have been published by Peeters Publishers.