The École Biblique’s publications consist of a journal, La Revue Biblique, and two collections, Études Bibliques and Cahiers de la Revue Biblique. The Revue Biblique, founded in 1892 by Father Lagrange, is the organ of the École Biblique. It publishes, four times a year (160 pages per issue), articles and reviews concerning the study of the Bible and related disciplines: texts and inscriptions, languages ​​of the ancient Near East, archeology of Palestine and neighboring countries, Etc.

Since 1900, the collection of Études Bibliques – a major collection of the École Biblique – has hosted numerous scientific works, notably doctoral theses, but not only on the Bible or archeology. Published since 1964, the Cahiers de la Revue Biblique – a minor collection of the École Biblique – are home to work on more limited subjects. A Series Archaeologica collection is soon to complete this collection. The magazine and the collections have been published since 2016 by Peeters.