The School has been through several difficult periods during its history (Turkish occupation during the First World War, partition of Palestine in 1948, Intifadas, etc.) but it has always pursued its mission. This resilience prompts us to continue our work, despite the current visa and travel difficulties for students and for some teachers.

What is unprecedented in the current situation is the use of modern media that allow education to continue, at least for a while, without the physical presence of students. The academic council took place at EBAF on October 6, bringing together almost all the teachers, to kick off the academic year and take advantage of any teaching activity in the coming months to move forward with research and publication activities. .

Classes started online on October 12. Their number has been reduced, some students having chosen to postpone their visit to the second semester. The archaeological visits on Tuesday afternoon are replaced for the moment by a WhatsApp group coordinated by Dominique-Marie Cabaret. New courses are offered, such as an introduction to Assyriology, given by Professor Yigal Bloch. A new librarian has joined the School.

In conclusion, life goes on, in a different way, not without any frustration due to traffic restrictions. But everything is done to continue to live, work and prepare for the future.