The Lagrange Lectures

The Lagrange Lectures are an annual series of talks featuring the latest research of top exegetes from around the world. In the spirit of Marie-Joseph Lagrange, founder of the École biblique, these lectures highlight outstanding researchers who seek to blend scientific rigor with theological reflection, across an ecumenical range of Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish perspectives.

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10th April 2019 – Walter L. Moberly (Durham University) : « Justice and the Recognition of the True God: A Reading of Psalm 82 »

21th Novembrer 2018 – Richard Bauckham (University of St. Andrews) : « Jesus Christ as the Alpha and the Omega »

2nd May 2018 – Simon Gathercole (Cambridge University) : « The Death and Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of Peter »

25th April 2018 – Thomas Römer (Collège de France) : « The Biblical Traditions about the Ark of the Covenant »

21st Fevruary 2018 – Yair Zakovitch (Hebrew University, Israël) : « On Love and Beauty, The Complex Relations between the Song of Songs and Biblical Narrative »

10th May 2017 – James Kugel (Bar Ilan University, Israël) : « Reading the Joseph Narrative »

22rd February 2017 – Jens Schröter (Humboldt Universität, Allemagne) : « The Human Person according to Paul’s Letter to the Romans »

26th January 2017 – Gary Anderson (University of Notre-Dame, USA) : « The Poetics of the Mishkam: Why Are There Two Stories of Consecration? »