GUEST MASTER – Olivier Catel, op

Guest master ⇒ Contact: Province of France Born on 27 July 1979 (Besançon, France). Ordained priest on 2 July 2017. MODERN LANGUAGES French (read, written, […]

DIRECTOR – Jean Jacques Pérennès, OP

Director, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Oasis Foundation (Milan) ⇒ Contact: Province of France Born on 20 January 1949 in Tréguier (France), […]

DEPUTY DIRECTOR – Olivier-Thomas Venard, OP

Deputy Director, Executive Director of the Research Program The Bible in its Traditions, AISBL PRAG at the University of Strasbourg seconded to the École biblique, Member […]

ADMINISTRATOR – Stanislaw Gurgul, OP

Administrator of the École, Bursar of St-Stephen’s Priory Province of Poland ⇒ Contact: / Born on 19 December 1957 in Krynica (Poland). Ordained priest on […]

SECRETARY – Sr Martine Dorléans

Secretary of the École, ⇒ Contact: Sister of The Holy Cross of Jerusalem. Born 15 December 1950 in Bar-le-Duc(France). MODERN LANGUAGES: – French (read, written, […]

LIBRARIAN – Pawel Trzopek, OP

Librarian of St Stephen’s Library Province of Poland ⇒ Contact: Born in Krakow, Poland on 22 June 1972. Primary and secondary education completed in […]

PRIOR – Martin Staszak, OP

Prior of the of St. Stephen Priory, Old Testament extraordinary professor, Chairman of the Publications Committee, Member of the Archeology Committee, Member of the library […]

Marc Leroy, OP

Extraordinary Professor of the Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew, Director of the Revue Biblique, Secretary-Archivist of the editorial board of the research project The Bible in […]