Every month, from October to May, under the guidance of the Ebaf’s brothers, the school organises visits in French to Jerusalem and the main archaeological sites of the Holy Land (Bethlehem, Caesarea Maritime, Beth Shean, Qumran, Ascalon, Jericho, Hebron, Nablus, Avdat, Mamshit, etc.). Brother Benoît Vandeputte, o.p., is in charge of coordination.

The visits are interrupted between the last week of May and the last week of September.

For those who wish to participate in these visits on a recurring basis, and who have the means to do so, please fill in the document via this link, and return it completed to the address below.

If you would like to be kept informed of the programme and details of the visits, please write to the following address: lesvisitesdusamedi@gmail.com

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Our latest visits this year :

  • Saturday March 11: Trip to the Negev: Arad, Mamshit & Beersheva
  • Saturday 18 March : Trip to the Negev : Lakish & Tel Marsesha
  • Saturday 29 April:  Direction la Galilée : Le Jourdain, Magdala & Capharnaüm
  • Saturday 13 May: Avdat
  • Saturday 17 June : Hebron 

*please keep in mind that the programm may change because of the situation.