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The École biblique de Jérusalem has a long track record of transmitting the Scriptures to the general public, as evidenced by the Jerusalem Bible in the 20th century… Since 2010, with its research programme The Bible in its Traditions, the École has been working on a new kind of annotated Bible which puts historical study of the Scriptures in dialogue with their rich variety of interpretations over the centuries. In this way, the École continues its Catholic mission, in the most inclusive sense of the term: to connect the Bible with living Tradition, welcoming the truth and pursuing wherever it leads.

At the cutting-edge of the ‘digital humanities’

Our international collaborative online platform brings together dozens of researchers, in teams working Biblical book by Biblical book. Once registered by the École biblique, each researcher contributes according to their expertise. The Biblical scholars establish and annotate the texts themselves, in their contexts, then are joined by specialists in disciplines linked to the twenty-nine categories of annotation: Jewish studies, patrology, Ancient Near Eastern studies, archaeology, liturgy, theology, Classical and modern humanities, history of art, etc..

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At the service of academic research

The platform is open to direct collaborators in The Bible in its Traditions, but also to: researchers, especially doctoral students, who can work on it analytically and preserve the fruits of their labours in the form of notes alongside the Biblical text; teachers who wish to use it for pedagogical purposes in lessons and seminars, etc..