August in Berlin : Ecole Biblique at the Society of Biblical Literature

Ecole Biblique was well represented at this year’s SBL International Meeting. Three of the faculty members (Gregory Tatum, Anthony Giambrone, Łukasz Popko), a professor emeritus […]

Death of Wei Wang, Former Student of The École

The École just knew that a former Canadian scholarship recipients, Wei Wang, died suddenly from a heart attack last week. Wei Wang was a student at […]

Library: Why Our Online Cataloging is Special

The process of creating document records in the École library was initiated in 1952 by Father J.-M. Rousée, with help from A. Hazou, the school secretary […]

IN MEMORIAM – Fr. Francolino Gonçalvès op

IN MEMORIAM  FR. Francolino Gonçalvès OP PROFESSOR EMERITUS, Member of the Scientific Council of Cadmo (Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon), Member of the Scientific Council of Revista […]

Funeral of fr. Francolino Gonçalves

Fr. Francolino José Gonçalves, op, professor of Old Testament at the École biblique of Jerusalem, died on June 15, 2017 at the age of 74 […]

Exhibition in Krakow for the Jewish Festival

The École biblique participates in an exhibition in Krakow for the Jewish festival. Here is the text of presentations of the old photographs of the École /Priory’s […]

The Joseph Story and The Divine Long-Range Planner

Listening to Prof. Kugel, one would easily understand that the author of “How to read the bible?” is more interested in asking good questions than […]

Paths of Light in Isaiah: From the diachronic to the synchronic approach

The Book of Isaiah has been the classic example for historical-critical exegesis in proving the necessity of a diachronic study. Indeed, we can easily point […]