Executive Director of the Research Program The Bible in its Traditions,
AISBL – PRAG at the University of Strasbourg seconded to the School,
Member of the Scientific Council of the French Research Center (CNRS) in Jerusalem,
Member of the Scientific Council of the École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem,
Consultant of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

⇒ Contact: venard@ebaf.edu

Province of Toulouse

Born on 21 November 1967 in Pabu (France, 22),

Ordained priest on 1 July 2000 in Toulouse (France).

– French (read, written, spoken)
– English (read, written, spoken)
– German (read)

– Greek
– Hebrew
– Aramaic
– Biblical Latin

Research Areas
Gospel according to St. Matthew – New Testament as Jewish Second Temple Literature
Thomas Aquinas – Ancient Exegeses – Systematic Theology of the Scriptures.
Modern and Contemporary French Poetry – Theology and Literature – Theology of Language and Culture – Literary Approaches to Scripture.
Political Theology in the Contemporary Holy Land

Academic degrees
1989-1994: student of the École Normale Supérieure of Fontenay-Saint Cloud
1991: associate professor of Modern Letters
1998: Doctor of Arts of the University of Sorbonne-Paris IV
2002: Bachelor’s degree in Holy Scripture
2006: Doctor of Theology
2005- …: member of the team of seven ÉBAF faculty members integrated into the Laboratory of Semitic Studies (LESA), Collège de France-CNRS, under the scientific project The Bible in its Traditions.
2007 – …: extraordinary professor at the École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

In French:

Support one another: eight conversations about Paul (ed.), In collaboration with some fifteen speakers (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, Parole et Silence, 2017)

The Passion according to St. Matthew (ed.), In collaboration with some sixty researchers (Leuwen: Peeters)

Horror and splendour: history and meaning of the Crucifixion (Paris: The Belles Lettres, Speech and Silence, Artège, Domuni Press)

In English:

Beautiful is the Word: Performing Literature and Theology, a 650-page reader from O.T. Venard’s French Theological Trilogy, trans. Kenneth Oakes and Francesca Aran Murphy (Bloomsbury, 2018).

Current research
Christology of the Old Testament
Directing the research program The Bible in its Traditions
Tracking the translation and annotation of scroll.bibletraditions.org

Former positions 
2014-2015: Founding President of the international non-profit association “The Bible in its Traditions Research Program” (Brussels, Jerusalem)

2006-2012: Secretary of Studies of the École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem

2002-2008: Member of the Commission on relations with Israel and the Jewish people at the Latin Patriarchate

2000-2010: Founding member of the editorial committee of the cultural magazine Képhas; Member of the editorial boards of the Revue Biblique (Jerusalem) of the Revue Thomiste (Toulouse), and Verbum Vitae (Poland); Appointed member of the Thomist Society (Leonine Commission and Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et Thomistes)

Regular areas of research
Since 2007, École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem and Hebrew University (Jerusalem):
– 2007- …: Co-host and then co-director (2016) of the seminar “The New Testament as Second Temple Jewish Literature” with Profs. S. Ruzer (H.U.J.) and J. Taylor s.m., E. Nodet and G. Tatum o.p.
– 2011- …: Co-director of the seminar “Bible and philosophy” with Prof. A. Wohlman (H.U.J.)
– 2006-2007: Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at the University of Southern California: Member of the “Trialogue” Learned Ignorance in Three Religious Traditions: Intellectual Humility Among Jews, Catholics and Muslims, between Jewish, Catholic and Muslim scholars: Harvard MA, 14 -15 June 2006; Jerusalem 17-20 June 2007.

Since 2006, member of the Catholic Biblical Association of America (CBA):
– Co-host with Pr. Justin Taylor, then Marcel Sigrist, then Kevin Stephens of the Continuing Seminar of The Bible in its Traditions during the summer sessions of the association.

Since 2006, École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem:
– Creation of an international team of about twenty researchers and preparation of an edition of the Gospel according to Matthew according to the scientific project The Bible in its traditions: translation, analytic annotation including the history of the reception of texts until the present day.
2003-2009 École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem – John Paul II Cultural Center (Washington):
– Judeo-Christian Dialogue
2002-2012 Bernard and Barbro Osher Jerusalem Center for Religious Pluralism, Shalom Hartmann Institute (Jerusalem):
– Judéo-christiano-Muslim Trialogue (one week of international colloquium per year)

Since 1999, École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem:
The Bible in Its Traditions: theological, hermeneutic, exegetical and editorial focus of the École biblique: participation in the editorial committee, first experiments, development of annotation format.

Since 1998 University of Sorbonne-Paris IV (Paris), I.C.T. (Toulouse), École biblique et archéologique de Jérusalem (Jerusalem):
– Conflicts and convergences between literary, philosophical, theological and biblical hermeneutics.