ASSISTANT in Biblical Theology and Semitic Languages,
Member of the editorial committee of the Bible in its Traditions,
Technical Coordinator of the Revue Biblique,
Member of the Association of Biblists of Mexico.

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Province of Santiago de Mexico

Born on May 8, 1974 in Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico).

Ordained priest on 18 November 2006 in Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico).

– Spanish (read, written and spoken)
– French (read, written and spoken)
– English (read, written and spoken)

– Biblical Hebrew
– Biblical Greek
– Ugaritic
– Biblical Aramaic

Academic degrees
• 2002: Bachelor of Philosophy in León, Mexico (Dominican Center for Philosophical Studies ‘Thomas d’Aquin’)
• 2005: Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology (Pontifical University of Mexico) (2005),
• 2011: Baccalaureate in Holy Scripture (2011).

Current search
Since 2012, French Bible and Archaeological School of Jerusalem.

Recent Conferences
Conference “La contemplación en la Biblia”, 31 July 2015, in the Congress of Religious Life: Contemplation in the Vida Consigrada y la Vida Contemplativa in the Iglesia hoy (of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Mexico).

– Biblical Hebrew
– Ugaritic language
– Morphology of Biblical Hebrew 2/2

This second semester of Hebrew morphology is devoted to the study of the Hebrew verb (the strong verb and weak verbs, the eight forms and the seven conjugations). Great emphasis is placed on direct work on biblical texts (Exodus 3, Genesis 37, Deuteronomy 6, 1 Kings 17, 18-19 and the analysis and understanding of many of the Hebrew Bible sentences and verses.

Recommended readings:
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