Launch of PRIXM in the English-speaking world!

The École biblique is delighted to announce

the launch of PRIXM in the English-speaking world!


PRIXM is a free, weekly newsletter unveiling the riches of Scripture to contemporary culture.
It was born from the work of the Bible in Its Traditions.

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Thanks to the help of 300 academics, animated by a strong desire to share an understanding of the beauty and depth of Scripture, the École biblique is building The Bible in Its Traditions, the most extensive and well-organzised digital annotation of the Bible ever undertaken. The ambitious work is not yet done, but we are convinced that the spirit of the Bible in Its Traditions and the results already published deserved to be shared with the public – and without further ado.

As a consequence, with the help of 3 young entrepreneurs living in Paris, we have launched PRIXM, a free, weekly newsletter. Every Sunday, PRIXM comments in surprising and clever ways upon some text from the Bible—always using paintings, films, and songs produced by great artists somehow inspired by the passage.

PRIXM is a success in France. 140,000 people already subscribe to the newsletter and a dialogue was naturally initiated with the readers. Subscribers regularly react and post questions, further inspiring our research and our work. 

Given this success, the École biblique replicated PRIXM in Portugal in February
and will launch an English version starting April 1st! 

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