The École biblique and the Peeters editions at the Denver’s SBL

Every year, thousands of professors, researchers and sepecialists of the Bible and biblical studies gather in the United States for the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) meeting. The meeting took place this year in Denver (Colorado).

The École biblique has been very involved in the previous edition in Boston, with the participation of 4 teachers. This year, the academic programm didn’t allow us to send representatives but the École biblique was represented anyway by its publications, highlighted by Peeters editions where the Revue biblique and other collections of EBAF books, in particular the Etudes bibliques.

The EBAF attended the international SBL meeting this year in Helsinki and will also be at the next meeting, scheduled in Rome in 2019. Peeters editions booth gives a nice visibility to our publications during international conferences.