Saint Hilarion – explanatory video

Video made by Première Urgence Internationale


1997-2001 – Excavations of Saint Hilarion monastery by the Palestinian Service of Antiquities.

2001- The École biblique provides expertise on the archaeological remains when asked by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

2002-2006 – Verification of the site’s stratigraphy and chronology. The project is supported by the French Consulate General in Jerusalem.

2010-2015  – Verifiation survey, urgent structural consolidation, training for workers and Gaza University students. All the interventions are supported by the French Consulate General in Jerusalem and UNESCO.

2011 – Umm el-‘Amr appears on the World Monuments Fund list of the 100 most threatened sites in the world.

2012 – Registration on UNESCO’s Tentative List of Palestinian patrimony.

2017-2020 : Conservation and spotlight programme (British Council/EBAF) managed by the NGO “Première Urgence”.