The web-documentary Gaza Stories Palestine features Fadel Al-Utol. The Palestinian archaeologist is part of the team working on the restoration of the Byzantine monastery of St. Hilarius and the Byzantine church of Jabaliya, with the technical assistance of the École Biblique. Fadel Al-Utol shares with reporters his journey and the background of the work. Exceptional plans reveal the beauty of Jabaliya.

“One day, a shy boy came to work on our excavation on the edge of the refugee camp overlooking the sea in the heart of Gaza City. Too young to pickaxe, he began by washing the shards, a thankless task but one that was accomplished without fail. With time he took up the pickaxe and gradually climbed up the ladder to become a good archaeologist. Repeated training courses in France gave him a taste for French which he speaks fluently. His unfailing good humour and infectious laughter have opened doors for him. Fadel Al-Utol is number 2 on the Mukheitim and Saint-Hilarion sites because he is probably the best Gaziote to understand archaeology.”

Fr. Jean-Baptiste Humbert, archaeologist, professor emeritus at the École Biblique

To watch the documentary (3min 32), click here.