The École biblique library team has not been idle in the past months. Between May 18th and June 9th, the team updated the library’s software and cleaned up errors in the library’s database. This is part of a larger project, directed by chief librarian Fr. Paweł Trzopek OP, to digitize and update the library’s catalog, which has been ongoing for several years.

The tip of the iceberg

The team created a virtual server for the new Koha installation, while making corrections and updates in accordance with current bibliographic and AFNOR standards. This was largely facilitated by Fr. Janusz Kaczmarek OP and Fr. Kevin Stephens OP, without whose help nearly 7600 files could not have been corrected by the library team.

“I would like to thank Fr. Janusz Kaczmarek OP, who carried out the computer work (installation, necessary modifications, analysis of the database, identification of errors, development of the database management tools, etc.). My thanks also go to Fr. Kevin Stephens OP, who spared no time despite his important obligations in his province.” — Fr. Paweł Trzopek OP

A new system for users

What is the impact of these improvements for visitors to the École biblique library? First of all, the correction of the display of bibliographical data in the interface offers better visibility to users. Second, the installation of Google Analytics will allow the best possible identification of the needs of researchers, which will subsequently make the catalogue’s reccomendations more responsive to demand.

The updated, cleaned and high-performance catalogue has been available to users since Friday 5th June 2020. However, work is still ongoing.

“The library team continues to correct minor errors found during the work. We will also prepare a new user manual for readers (soon to be available in French and English) and the new cataloguing manual for future librarians. All of the work prepares our database for the bibliographic transition stage in the future.” — Fr. Paweł Trzopek OP

We would like to thank in advance the users who will report errors and problems encountered using the catalogue directly to the librarians or to the following e-mail address: In this way you will contribute to the proper functioning of the library.

* Koha is a management system created for libraries.