For several years now, the École Biblique has been organising Saturday outings throughout the year to enable French-speaking diplomats, expatriates, volunteers and students living in Jerusalem to discover the important archaeological and historical sites of the region. These tours are guided by Fr. Dominique-Marie Cabaret, op, take them once or twice a year to Hebron, where they are always welcomed by the members of Solidarity Hebron (which includes the Hebron-France Cultural Exchange Association and the Hebron Association for Socio-Cultural Development) who guide them in the visit of the old city and welcome them in their premises for lunch.

Solidarity Hebron works to develop intercultural links and aims to develop the French language and to promote and protect the Hebronite heritage. The association offers French courses, organises cultural activities (exhibitions, concerts, etc.), cultural trips to France, and has recently created a board game inspired by Monopoly and adapted to the places and situations sometimes complicated by the inhabitants of the Territories: Topoly. It also offers guided tours of the Old City, archaeological sites and craftsmen’s workshops in Hebron, which diplomats, volunteers and friends of the École biblique enjoyed during the last Saturday visit to Hebron last November.

A discussion group for women.

The association also supports the inhabitants of the old city by providing socio-psychological assistance to families in difficulty and by organising prevention activities: discussion groups for mothers, workshops to raise awareness about drugs, domestic violence and women’s rights, in parallel with fun and educational activities for children in the old town.

If you wish to help Solidarity Hebron, do not hesitate to contact them.