On Thursday 18 January, Olivier Routeau, Director General of Première Urgence Internationale, visited the French Biblical and Archaeological School in Jerusalem with his team. The discussions included an update on the archaeological training site at the St Hilarion monastery in Gaza and developments in the “Intiqal 2030” project in the context of the conflict currently affecting the region.

The French École Biblique et Archéologique is the scientific partner of this project, implemented by Première Urgence Internationale in partnership with the Agence Française de Développement and the British Council. The programme, which includes the preservation of Byzantine heritage and the training of young archaeologists on the site of St Hilarion’s monastery in Gaza, is also being rolled out in Jerusalem, focusing on the Lamb mosaic adjacent to Saint Stephen’s Basilica.

In a region with a history marked by crises and tensions, research and education are a commitment for the future.