As part of the good neighbourly relations and scientific partnership between the École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem and the Albright Library (Albright Institute of Archaeological Research), their respective libraries regularly exchange books.

These two major academic institutions share their duplicate works in order to complete their collections and thus make it possible to acquire books that are often out of print, rare or very expensive on the market.

On 11 March 2024, Father Bernard Ntamak, op, head librarian of the École, and Mrs Emily Johnson, head librarian of the Albright Institute, carried out an exchange that would make more than one researcher dream! Each institution offered the other 15 important volumes from its duplicate reserves.

Ebaf’s 15 volumes range from archaeology to inscriptions and the Levant, and include a three-volume excavation report that is now out of print.

For the Albright Institute, the 15 volumes donated in return will help the School’s researchers on issues such as ancient history, archaeology, material culture and the Levant, and include current journal issues as well as two rare books.

The pooling of these valuable academic resources demonstrates the commitment of our two institutions to promoting a favourable environment for the sharing of knowledge and scientific cooperation in the Holy Land!

Mme Emily Johnson, bibliothécaire en chef de l’Albright Institute

Bernard Ntamak, op., bibliothécaire en chef de l’École