In the heart of Jerusalem, at the foot of the Old City, stands the Basilica of Saint Stephen, headquarters of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française. Here, biblical stories mingle with archaeological remains. A place where research and contemplation meet in an ongoing dialogue between reason and faith. Archaeologists, epigraphists, biblical scholars, researchers, students and volunteers work to perpetuate this century-old commitment.

Push the doors of Saint-Etienne convent and meet the discreet but essential pillars who work to keep it running smoothly: the sisters of the Order of Divine Mercy. Originally from Poland, the three nuns traveled throughout Europe serving the sick and weakest in our society, before making their way to the gates of Jerusalem.

The Congregation of Divine Mercy, to which these sisters belong, has a long history of selfless service and commitment to neighbor. Founded in the 19th century in Poland by Saint Faustina Kowalska, this community is dedicated to compassion and unconditional love for all, especially the least among us.

Clara, Dorotha and Malzorgatta support this ideal with their daily services, while illuminating every corner of the School with their warm, caring presence.

Their presence is as discreet as it is vital. They ensure that everyone can concentrate fully on their mission of research and study. Kitchen, laundry, ornaments… all crucial to the well-being and smooth running of the community. They embody the solidarity and fraternity of the ÉBAF, offering their support and listening to all those in need, participating fully in the common life of prayer, study and preaching.

As we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy this Sunday, April 07, we pay tribute to Clara, Dorotha and Malzorgatta, examples of service and compassion. Their presence here in Jerusalem is a living testimony to the universal reach of God’s Mercy, a tangible reminder of the transforming power of unconditional love. We are grateful to them and assure them of our prayers.

“Humanity will not find peace until it turns with confidence to mercy” Saint Faustina Kowalska