The Members of the Editorial Committee of the Program

Members of the Editorial Committee

Dr. Paul-Marie Chango O.P. A specialist in Wisdom literature, Br. Paul-Mariecontributes in particular on the reception of the Bible in philosophical thought. See his CV.

Dr. Anthony Giambrone O.P. A specialist in New Testament exegesis and Biblical hermeneutics, he is heading (on Revelation) a pilot-project on the future of the Bible in the United States, in conjunction with the Scholar Initiative of the Museum of the Bible. See his CV.

Marc Leroy O.P. is the secretary and archivist of the Program. See his CV.

Dr. Bieke Mahieu General assistant for the research program of BEST, she contributes on scientific and editorial matters.

Dr. Lukasz Popko O.P. Director of the Editorial Committee, Dr. Popko is a specialist on the Prophetic books and contributes to questions of Old Testament exegesis. See his CV.

Dr. Augustin Tavardon O.C.S.O. is responsible for work on Romans. He contributes generally to work on the reception of the Bible in Christian tradition, in particular the churches of the Reformation. See his CV.

Jorge Francisco Vargas O.P. Brother Vargas works on the ancient cultural context of the Bible, in particular ancient texts. See his CV.

Dr. Olivier-Thomas Venard O.P. Executive Director of the Program, he is the President of the Editorial Committee. Dr Venard promotes the analytic and hermeneutic coherence of biblical notes as a whole, concentrating in particular on the literary analysis of the text of the Bible and also its reception in the liturgy, in Christian tradition and in the arts. See his CV.

The editorial committee meets once a week for about two hours. Besides the rapid review of material for PRIXM, the School’s weekly newsletter, it performs the considerable work of editing printed publications.

On a monthly basis the committee finishes the translation and considerably develops the exegetical foundation prepared by our friend Dr. Eugen Pentuc on the book of Hosea with a view to publication at end 2017.

Associated researchers

Claire de Basquiat A Student of the École Normale Supérieure, Claire works on the digital roll, adding to the French translation the Greek and Latin variants relating to the Masoretic Text and producing a synthesis on the reception of the texts.

Dr. Mathieu Beaud Doctor in the History of Art (medieval studies) of the University of Burgundy, Mathieu works on the reception of the themes of the gospel in iconography and in visual arts in general.

Clary de Plinval is a doctoral student at the École Pratique des Hautes Études and assistant for the Bible in Its Traditions roll (Greek and Latin). Her thesis concerns the treatment of the women of Matthew’s genealogy of Christ in patristic literature.

David Vincent is a doctoral student in religious sciences at the École Pratique des Hautes Études who works on the reception of certain parts of the Bible, e.g. the Apocalypse, in the Protestant church.