This year will be marked by a notable difference, as it will see the school’s development work take place. Instead of the small number of forty possible places, the school can only offer fifteen in-house. Indeed, the school’s historic building is being renovated, including the installation of private showers in the future students’ rooms.

However, this year’s lucky students will make the most of their opportunity to be here!

This year promises to be rich! Take a look at what’s on offer: from an introduction to midrashim, to the topography of Jerusalem, to a critique of the kings of Israel and Judah in the Deuteronomistic work. There is also the possibility of courses in Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and Ugaritic.

The first seminar of the year, which took place from 3 to 7 October, allowed each student to discover the school and the courses that will be given. It was with undisguised pleasure that everyone met on Thursday evening for a welcome drink.

It was an opportunity to talk in a less formal way with the brothers who make up the Dominican community and the teaching staff.

“This year will be rich and intense, take advantage of it to fully immerse yourself in it, to discover all that you can about this country, its inhabitants and their cultures,” concluded the superior of the house, Brother Martin Staszak.