Several years ago, at the heart of the Ébaf, the Dominican brothers and researchers from all over the world opened the construction site of a biblical and cultural digital cathedral: The Bible In Its Traditions.

This constantly evolving research programme examines the biblical books as the Word of God manifested in the words and history of mankind. The vocation of this interactive laboratory is to put into dialogue the historical study of the Scriptures with the richness of their interpretations over the centuries.
Once a month, a permanent researcher of the Bible in its Traditions shares with you, in the simplest way possible, some of his findings.

During the first meeting, which will take place on Wednesday 23 November, Brother Olivier-Thomas, o.p., will offer you an express journey through the history of the transmission of the Scriptures in order to help you discover what the Word of God really is.

The next rendez-vous:

Wednesday 21 December – 8.30 pm: Conference by Brother Jorge Francisco Vargas-Corvacho “Behold, the girl will conceive… Versions & context”.