Brother Jakub Bluj, Dominican of the Polish Province and a doctoral student at the École Biblique, defended his doctoral thesis in Biblical Studies (SSD) on Tuesday, 8 November 2022.

Subject of the thesis: Divine Mercy according to Sir 15:11 -18:14.
A Comparison of Hebrew, Greek and Syriac versions

Composition of the jury:

Prof. Anthony Giambrone, op (vice-director of the ÉBAF), president of the jury
Prof. Jean-Sébastien Rey (University of Lorraine), co-director of the thesis
Prof. Paul-Marie Chango, op (ÉBAF), co-director of the thesis
Prof. Nuria Calduch-Benages (Gregorian University, Rome), rapporteur
Prof. Noam Mizrahi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), rapporteur
Prof. Eshbal Razon (Tel Aviv University), member of the jury
Prof. Claire Placial (University of Lorraine), member of the jury

At the end of a very dynamic defense, Brother Jakub Bluj was unanimously declared Doctor of Biblical Studies with summa cum laude.