December was the occasion for the PRIXM team to visit the convent of Saint-Etienne, and to introduce the new members to the Dominican community.

Indeed, the historical bond since the first visit of Nicolas, one of the founders, to the School in 2014-2015, to work at the Best, has remained intact!

This time, it was Thomas Costrel, Editor-in-Chief, and Léo Derumaux, Director of Growth and Marketing Development, who came to discover the birthplace of PRIXM!

“It was important for Thomas and Léo, the latest arrivals in the adventure, to meet the community, to discover the convent, and all the brothers with whom we have worked since the beginning of the adventure. This place is fundamental for us.
By coming here, it is an excellent way of becoming aware of the theological link that unites us, from Paris to Jerusalem.

Spending time with the brothers allows us to strengthen our ties, to live in fraternity and community with them for a few days. It allows us to immerse ourselves in their work and their way of life.

Being in Jerusalem means being in the place where Scripture is transmitted. It is the heart of our own prism. It is a real opportunity to pray in the holy places we talk about every day. This bathing in the Holy Land irrigates our work in the most beautiful and profound way.

As far as the future is concerned, the platform has a bright future ahead of it.
No less than 100,000 subscribers to the newsletter (weekly), and 750,000 readers on the website (totally free). But that’s not enough: they are targeting one million readers on the website, and 150,000 subscribers to the newsletter.

Also, stay tuned, you will surely hear about RITRIT, the new online platform for booking spiritual retreats, in France, in Europe, and even in the Holy Land, of course!