For the first study trip of the year, our students had the chance to go to Galilee.

Led by Friar Yunus Demirci, from the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, they were a small group of 6 to follow this exciting week.

Yunus Demirci, who specialises in Asia Minor and the Archaeology of the “Land of the Bible”, led the session with great enthusiasm and emotion: “I have a sincere desire to help the students see, touch and experience the great richness of the material culture of this country, its history and its traditions.”

The aim of the week was to tour the Galilee through the major sites in the region. Thus, the students were able to discover Meggido, and Sepphoris. The city of Nazareth, and Mount Tabor. Mandala, Tabga, Capernaum and Bethsaida. But also many other sites like Kursi or Katzrin.

Each day, a student presented a site visited. This was a way of getting involved in this trip in a different way, to immerse oneself in the places and their history, as Friar Yunus explains: “I had given each of the students, as an assignment, a site or a building to prepare so that they would be more interested in and better understand each of the sites visited. In this way, I wanted the field trip to be a way of training them experientially in archaeology and not just an opportunity to learn about excavations.”

For Thomasz Koszarek, a doctoral student at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, knowing the topography of the Holy Land is a must when talking about the Holy Scriptures: “This group trip allowed me to consolidate the knowledge I had acquired through the courses.
It is even more important for me now, as I am in the middle of my Biblical studies. It also corresponded to my personal interests because in Poland, where I come from, I am a mountain guide! So I am well aware of the fundamental importance of topography, in order to really understand the living space and the history of Humanity.”

Now it’s time for the Christmas holidays. The next trip will be to the Negev, in March 2023!