This is the second visit to this quarter of the old city of Jerusalem this year! The first one was taken by storm!

While this Saturday was initially planned to be in Hebron, everything went back to normal, and this outing allowed all those who wanted to discover this part of Jerusalem!

It was also an opportunity for newcomers to the Holy Land to join the group of visitors. In total, more than 40 visitors – a good ten more than expected – were welcomed by George Hintlian, historian and local figure, always so charming and benevolent.
The anniversary of the Ascension of Mohamed had brought a big crowd to the old town.

The visit to the Balian Workshops by the son of the house, Setrak, was fascinating! With an impressive historical knowledge of his people since their Christian origins in the early 4th century, this young man is extremely proud of the family work and is proving to be a seasoned guide through the wonders of the in-house ceramics museum! We admired mugs of the Palestinian policemen (British mandate), a map of the 1948 partition, or a rare home-made plate found…at the Braderie de Lille during his studies in France!
Many have found or ordered their happiness in the shop!

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