Albert Einstein and his wife spent twelve days in British Mandate Palestine in February 1923. From Japan they returned to Europe. The diary of the Dominican convent mentions the event.

As it stands:

Tuesday 6 Feb 1923 : Departure Abel and students: excursion Amwas. Walk of the brothers [cooperators] to Latroun, etc. 1h. Lunch at Herbert Samuel’s in honour of Einstein and his wife (Frs Carrière and Sertillanges with Fr Dhorme). P. Orfali. Bentwich. The Richmonds.
Wednesday 7 Feb. 1923 : 4 ½ p.m. Lecture by Einstein “Theory of Relativity” in French, at Gray Hill’s House.
Tuesday 13 Feb. 6 p.m.: Einstein lecture in German (at Lamel School).

The context of the photographs taken by Br. B. Carrière, preserved in the convent’s photo library. The photo below better illustrates the guests of the High Commissioner.

From left to right, front row: Captain Lionel G.A. Cust, aide-de-camp to Sir Samuel; Mrs Elsa Einstein, Sir Herbert Samuel; Lady Beatrice Samuel, Albert Einstein, Fr. E. Dhorme, Prior of the Dominican Convent.

In the second row, fr. A. Sertillanges; Norman Bentwich, Attorney General of Mandatory Palestine; Ernest T. Richmond, architect, political advisor; one step lower, his wife, Margaret Richmond; further right, fr. Gaudence Orfali, Franciscan archaeologist.