The library of the Albright and the library of the EBAF are making an exchange of 25 titles each between them. Emily, the head librarian of the Albright, curated a small collection including biblical commentaries and works on archaeology to give the École Biblique.
Fr. Bernard is giving the Albright a collection of 25 titles that covers languages and archaeology in the Levant. Through this exchange we are strengthening not only our respective collections but also the relationship between our two institutions.

The EBAF and the Albright have previously exchanged books (pre-Covid) and they decided to exchange gain now as Emily said :

“When I started at the Albright as head librarian, I decided to see if we could arrange another one, since it had been a while.

I went through the doubles (extra copies of titles that the library already has available) at the Albright and at the École and chose 25 from each that the other institution didn’t have”