On 30 May 2023, Abbé Étienne Jonquet, a priest at the Institut Notre-Dame de vie, successfully defended his doctoral thesis in Biblical Sciences at the École Biblique, graduating cum laude.
The thesis, entitled “Blessed are those who hear… the Beatitudes of the Apocalypse of St John: origin of a form, enunciative analysis and history of the text”, was directed by Fr. Anthony Giambrone, OP, Professor of New Testament and Vice-Director of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française in Jerusalem.

The jury, chaired by Jean Jacques Pérennès, Director of the EBAF, was made up of fr. Olivier-Thomas Venard, ordinary professor of New Testament at the École Biblique, fr. Alessandro Cavicchia, Extraordinary Professor of New Testament at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (SBF) in Jerusalem, and Don Francesco Piazzolla, author of a book on the subject of the candidate, Professor of Sacred Scripture in Italy and Visiting Professor at the SBF.

The École Biblique joins with Stephen’s family and colleagues in rejoicing at this happy culmination of work which, like any doctoral thesis in Sacred Scripture, has demanded a great deal of sacrifice and patience on his part.