Two websites in one: the new digital face of the École Biblique and the Convent of Saint-Etienne in Jerusalem.

Until now, you’ve had to navigate between two waters on the Internet: the Convent of Saint Stephen or the École Biblique et Archéologique Française? Or “Domjer” or “Ébaf”?
We chose to merge the two former websites of the convent and the École around our logo, with its evocation of the Basilica of Saint-Etienne and the Dominican presence in Jerusalem.

This saves on maintenance – a single site – provides greater clarity – the convent and the School have the same vision – and makes the information more accessible: everything in the same place.
With a few simple and effective improvements: map, contact addresses, etc.

From now on, there’s just one address so you don’t miss a thing about the life of the school and the community!
Enjoy your discovery!