ASSISTANT in Jewish literature and exegesis,
Member of the editorial committee of the Bible in its Traditions

⇒ Contact: catel@ebaf.edu

Province of France

Born on 27 July 1979 (Besançon, France).
Ordained priest on 2 July 2017.

French (native)
English (read, written, spoken)
Spanish (spoken)
Hebrew (level “waw”)

Academic record:
1996-1997: French Baccalaurate (A-levels) with highest honors
1997-2002: MA in English Literature & Language, with honors:“Travel and the Narrative Instance in Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage by Byron”
2003-2004: MA in French Literature, summa cum laude : “L’ascète et l’esthète dans la Vie de Rancé”. (“Ascetism and Aesthetics in Chateaubriand’s Vie de Rancé.”)
2007: PhD in French Literature, summa cum laude : « Peinture et esthétique religieuse dans l’œuvre de Chateaubriand » (“Painting and Religious Aeesthetics in Chateaubriand’s Works”) under the supervision of Professor Laurence Richer – University of Lyon 3 (France)
2010-2011:  Equivalence of a canonical Bachelor’s in Philosophy – Lyon Catholic University (France)
2012-2015: Bachelor’s in Catholic Theology (S.T.B.), magna cum laude – Lille Catholic University (France)
Summer 2014:  Summer Ulpan, level gimmel, 96% – Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Israel)
2015-2016: MA in Catholic Theology – University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
2016-2018: MA “The Bible and the Ancient Near East” (track:“The Bible: Cultural and Historical Context”) – Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Israel)

2019-… : Thesis in Talmud and Jewish Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Fasting in Early Christian and Rabbinic Literatures”.

Old functions:
2001-2002: “lecteur” (French language assistant) at the University of Leeds (England) for undegraduates (conversation classes, exams,…)
2004-2007: teaching assistant at the University of Lyon 3 (France) / PhD student
2007-2009: teacher in secondary schools in France