Published since 1964, the Cahiers de la Revue Biblique – the secondary series of the École – welcomes work on more limited subjects, but which exceed the normal limits of a journal article. Since 1982, the series has been open to submissions in the more common European languages.

Published in 2016-2017:

– P. de Martin de Vivies, F. Lestang (eds), “Remember!” The selective memory of the Epistle of Jude, No. 87, Ed. Peeters, 151p.

– Anca Dan, Siena Nodet o.p., Coelé-Syria. Palestine, Judea, Perea, Ed. Peeters

– C. Clamer, K. Prag, J.-B. Humbert o.p., Colegio del Pilar. Excavations in Jerusalem, Christian Quarter. Cahiers of the Revue Biblique series archaeologica, N ° 88, 2017.