Announced on 25th March 1900, the Études bibliques – the major specialist series of the École – was conceived as a complementary commentary on Holy Scripture; it has however received many academic works on the Bible and related literary genres. Reserved for over a century to works in French, the series is now open to other languages.Here are the latest issues:

Here are the most recent issues, published in 2016-2017:

– Jean L’Hour, Genèse 1-2,4a. Comment. N ° 71, 2016, Ed. Peeters, 151p.

– Aurélie Caldwell, Paul, misogyne ou promoteur de l’émancipation féminine ? N° 72, 2016, Éd. Peeters, 432p.

– Dominique Charles, « Volonté de Dieu » et « faire le bien » dans la Prima Petri. N° 74, 2016, Éd. Peeters, 593p.

– Nicolo Rizzolo r.c.i., Pesher. L’interpretazione della Parola per la ne dei giorni. Studio sul genere letterario dei Pesharym, N° 73, 2017, Éd. Peeters.